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Entrepreneurial Spotlight: President of LATAA

Ahmet Onerbay is an LA-based Turkish-American entrepreneur with a broad range of business capabilities. Despite his young age, he has become quite an influential figure in the local business community, with a stellar track record of accomplishments to his name. Apart from focusing on his professional career, he also works actively with the local Turkish-American community in LA, helping further its goals and celebrate his people’s culture in the United States. He even finds time to devote to numerous socio-civic causes as his way of giving back to the community of which he is a part.

Even when he was still in school, he displayed exceptional ability and resourcefulness. He has extensive backgrounds in history and political science, and in fact earned a Master’s Degree in Political Science from New York University. This education has proven to be an integral factor in his future success in his professional life. He is fluent in Spanish, as well as English and Turkish.

With every personal and professional endeavor that he undertakes, he brings a broad range of skills and capabilities that are especially remarkable considering his young age. A creative and driven entrepreneur, he has also shown remarkable facility with business planning, marketing strategy, product and business development, product management, contract negotiations, and more. Each of these areas has been explored by Ahmet to great success, and they each remain part of his range of professional capabilities to this day.

Of all the many roles that he has undertaken during the course of his career, it is perhaps entrepreneurship that is the closest to this heart. Having displayed an uncanny business sense and a level of commitment and perseverance rarely see in people his age, he is a perfect fit for the role of entrepreneur. He also has a genuine care and concern for people, and combined with his exemplary communications skills, this makes him a naturally approachable corporate executive.

One of the ways by which his communication skills have proven useful is in his role as public speaker. He has been called upon to speak on a variety of subjects over the years, drawing from his own wealth of knowledge and extensive professional experience.

Ahmet is currently Vice-President of Operations for Icon Stone, Inc., a specialist natural stone supply firm with headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. Founded in 2005, the company is one of the leading suppliers of quality stone in the United States. Largely due to Ahmet Onerbay’s own leadership contributions, the firm has been listed as one of the Top 500 fastest growing companies in the country in 2016.

Ahmet considers his Turkish roots as integral to who he is today. He carries his Turkish-American heritage proudly and strives to give back to the Turkish community in the country in any way possible. He has in fact served as president of the non-profit organization Los Angeles Turkish American Association (LATAA) for two years, during which time he made many outstanding contributions to the uplifting of the Turkish community in California.


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Icon Stone, Inc. Ranked Top 500 Fastest Growing Firms


Under the leadership of Ahmet Onerbay, Vice President of Operations, Icon Stone, Inc. entered the rankings for the highly acclaimed ‘Top 500 Fastest Growing Firms’ in the United States.

Icon Stone is the leading distributor of natural stone in the Sante Fe Springs region

This amazing feat was accomplished in spite of the recent recession. Emphasis was placed on cost saving measures to ensure revenue growth. Difficult decisions had to be made in order for Icon-Stone, Inc. to become what it has today.

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What is Icon-Stone, Inc.?

Icon-Stone, Inc.

Icon-Stone, Inc. is a premier natural stone supplier headquartered in Sante Fe Springs, California. It was founded in 2005 and is currently one of the leader suppliers of stone within the United States.

Staff at Icon-Stone, Inc. featuring their cohesion

A. Onerbay, currently the Vice President, of the company has been the leading force behind their recent revenue growth. Under the leadership of their floor general, Icon-Stone, Inc. has become a powerhouse within the stone supply industry.

The stone supply firm has a product portfolio that includes, but not limited to, granite, stone tiles, pavers, moldings, and other related stone products. It has achieved success through continuous improvement of its corporate infrastructure and technology advancements.

Where can we learn more about Icon-Stone, Inc.?

View for more about their patented trademarks here.

For information about operations within the company, seek out the About section.

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What Impact Does Turkish Airlines Have On The Community?

In an article recently posted by, Ahmet O. is listed as a key figure in public relations.

An excerpt from the article featuring the author.

Here is a translation of the aforementioned article:

“We plan to do this Saturday day of the Career Days of networking event under the name. The number of student participation will be limited to 15-20. Participation is free after school a road map for students who want to study in the United States, motivated elements, students are fuser and lataa the identifier of this program is aimed to be made as an organization. We are planning to continue the meetings with the other participants each month ..
– Introduce yourself
– Advice to the students
– Question answer
– Pizza and Coke accompanied coalesce on
Because of the restrictions on the number of student places it will be accepted. On Friday, the dealing of the late CV-s are advised to 13.00 e-mail with the throw. Arabasi will be made on the non-carpool.

Where can we learn more?

You can find him on his Google+ profile page. Here you can find out more about his background, academic education history, and his travels across the world. He is a renowned figure within the Turkish community in Los Angeles, California.

View the first article ever published on Alaturka Online through this portal.

Taken after a meeting with part of the administration staff




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What is the LATAA?

This editorial features a gifted writer.

Are you searching for Turkish books?


Ahmet O. states “associated with both Turkey and the Turkish and those who want to donate English books we can donate the books to reach the address,” he said.

Does a Turkish library exist in Los Angeles?

Here is a translated version from an article  written by one of the many authors at Alaturka Online.

“as Turkish and English book section will be divided into two parts “Turkish Library” will be created in the Los Angeles Central Library. After the ceremony will be held on May 24 Turkish books that are relevant to Turkey will take their places on the shelves of the Los Angeles Central Library and will be presented to the reader.

They came to work in the library-related work that has continued since February in Los Angeles Turkish President of the American Association; “On May 24 200-250 Turkish units will be available to readers of our book library shelves and take their place in Turkey in recent days advance Library Project will continue to increase this number,” he said.”

What are some additional resources to discover more?

Vimeo is a great place to start your search to find more videos and mediums of this type.

Visit his Tumblr Page



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About The Most Influential Figure In Turkish American History

The author along with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca after a speech.

Who is this person?

He is a Turkish-born American who in heavily active within  his cultural community. Ahmet frequently gives speeches to invigorate his fellow countrymen.

What are some of his accomplishments?

Ahmet graduated from Istanbul University in 2001 with a degree in History. Later that same year, he was accepted into NYU into the Master’s program in regards to political science. After relocating to California, Onerbay completed the “Strategy and Leadership” extension program at Chapman University in 2009.

What does he do today?

Onerbay is currently the vice president of Icon Stone, Inc. which is located in Los Angeles. He continues to be active within Turkish-American community. He enjoys speaking about Turkish history and international policies.

Looking for more about the keynote speaker?

View his latest edition of his public seminar speaking series on history and international policies here:

AO delivering a speech to his Turkish community in Los Angeles, California.