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What is Victory Day?

Ahmet Onerbay recently published his newest article discussing Victory Day on Alaturka Online on August 30, 2012.

A section from the Alaturka Online article ‘ZAFER BAYRAMI‘ written by Ahment Onerbay


Here is a translation of the editorial:

“First World War Armistice Armistice was signed at the end of the Sevres Treaty and our land taken from our hands almost completely self-watt and has given us our right to live as a free end. We live without orders from anyone on centuries of peace and tranquility the country land was the enemy occupation.

The historic victory of the Turkish nation filled with ever did was no intention to accept this situation. May 19, 1919 in the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s arrival in Samsun, began under his leadership our War of Independence. Following the publication of Amasya Circular Erzurum and Sivas congresses were held. And 23 April 1920, Parliament was established in Ankara.

remedy the situation and called the liberation of the country during a meeting in the Parliament. “National Pact within the boundaries of the country as a whole is fragmented and not opinion” of the movement, was decided to fight the enemy.

“The enemy will either leave our country, or we’re all ready to drain our blood individual for the sake of this country,” was the message to the whole world.

The first success was a victory against the Eastern Armenian gangs. Then, on the western front, with the Greeks, I. Inonu and II. Inonu Wars were made. The Greeks to the acquisition of this war was a big blow. Thereupon, the Greek army was attacked again. The attack on Mustafa Kemal, the army: “There is no defense line surface defense. This surface is the whole country. The blood of every inch of land is soaked by the citizens of the homeland can not be abandoned. “He gave the order.

The Turkish military, perseverance and sacrifice a large satellite that decision. August 23, and the Battle of Sakarya held between September 12, 1921, the Turkish nation is literally woke up from his sleep again. Battle of Sakarya Necip Fazil’s poems he wrote in “Back to hit Sakarya Turkish History” which confirms the statement was hit mark on Turkish history. Sakarya Karlofça Treaty since 1699 with victory for the first time, we have gained ground.

Now regained morale of the Turkish nation and the enemy had begun to build their dreams and erase it completely and then dispose of the council meeting in a major offensive was decided to destroy the enemy.

until August 1922, preparations have been completed. The southern Turkish troops were shifted to the western front in great secrecy. weapons and ammunition from the ammunition depot in Istanbul was hijacked. It collects brought to still be used by the Allies destroyed has been repaired. He bought new weapons. We do not know our army attacked again for many years rare assault training was done. After these preparations, he made the Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s army commander in chief, attacked the enemy on 26 August 1922. enemy positions within an hour seized. Retrieved on August 30 into the enemy circle. The survivors were taken captive. Prisoners of war between the Greek commander in chief, had the Trikopis.

After the successful conclusion of their attacks from a large enemy was followed up in Izmir. 9 of our country with the liberation of Izmir in September 1922, was cleared of the enemy.

Treacherous enemy, unjustified and flagrant occupation to “stop” the blood and we’d leave our country to drain the last drop of the world to prove that this great victory all the Turkish nation as every year, on August 30, we celebrate by holidays.

 Our Happy Victory Day!”

What resources are available to discover more articles written by this famous author?

ahmet-onerbay-wordpress-victory-day-featured image
Ahmet Onerbay

Visit the author’s page on Alaturka Online, the first Turkish newspaper in the United States.

Find a previous blog post and read more about his first article Awesome Brain!


Ahmet Onerbay is a Turkish American entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a former president of the LATAA. Ahmet enjoys speaking to his community about Turkish history and international policies. Onerbay has a master's degree from NYU in political science. Ahmet demonstrates great knowledge in public speaking as he shares his opinions with all peoples throughout southern California.

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