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What is Çanakkale Zaferimizin 100. Yılı?

The President of the organization

Ahmet Onerbay writes about the celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Çanakkale in his article Çanakkale Zaferimizin 100. Yılı which was published on March 17th, 2015. This article was featured on Alaturka Online, the first Turkish newspaper in the United States.

Here is a translation of the artcle:

“canakkale our victory 100.yil

You’re a giant, giant load is heavy!
Stand up, sit up straight and rejoice!

Mehmed I, am glad to begin high!
Die also rejoice, as we get back home!

I think this is the wheel bump!
Tomorrow, of course our, of course ours!
Day was born the day sank, eternity is our

Poet depicts that our soldiers,
Soldiers who do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for us …

Çanakkale battle,
One of the biggest battles of the century …
First World War enemy countries want to end up victorious, they want to get through the Dardanelles to Istanbul by ship. The Ottoman army against the British and French fleets in the Dardanelles made a series of land and sea battles for months.

300,000 of our soldiers were killed in the result of the war, the enemy fleets retreated with heavy losses. Who wanted to cross the Dardanelles, the British and French ships opened fire on our troops on both sides of the strait on November 3, 1914. However, in a terrific against resistance and strength never before, but after seeing that they had never seen thousands of casualties they had to retreat. The enemy started a definite attack on 19 February 1915. They retreated again with the fire against the Ottoman army. On March 18, 1915 when British and French launched a big attack with 16 war ships. However, three ships were buried The enemy was forced to retreat again.

The maritime section of Çanakkale War, on March 18, 1915 had resulted in the withdrawal of enemy ships. It was a retreat on March 19, 1915 This morning, the British newspaper “Glorious escape”, was released with the title. Because it was an escape by pulling back at least this loss ..

generation of ace … I was saying was true or … generation:
Here chew not the Namur will çiğnetmi.

Our enemies understand whether they pass the Dardanelles, the ship, tried to enter our land from the land. British, French, Australian, New Zealand and some other countries of colonial soldiers began to disembark the day April 25, 1915. Land wars, on January 9, 1916 and continued until the last retreating enemy troops. 6-7 August 1915 the night Anafartalar made to remove offensive Mustafa Kemal was able to stop our unity in command. Between April 25th, 1915 and 9 January 1916, the ground war was raging for nearly eight months, hundreds of thousands of people from both sides was zai.

“Oh, he fell to the ground for this land, soldier!
Ancestors descended from the sky that kissed the forehead pak value. “
Çanakkale Wars,
Perhaps the most important battles of the Turkish History …
Today we live in a free proof that it was not easy to this land …
Shaheed hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Veterans …
O martyr who sacrificed his life for us!
I can not thank you enough,
You’ve shown the whole world that the power of the Turks,
You’ve offered us a history we are proud moment
You say we’ve set an example for,
You have a light on our future,
I can not thank you enough,
God rest the soul, space, get heaven !!!”


A short section from ‘Our 100th Year Victory’


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Ahmet Onerbay is a Turkish American entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a former president of the LATAA. Ahmet enjoys speaking to his community about Turkish history and international policies. Onerbay has a master's degree from NYU in political science. Ahmet demonstrates great knowledge in public speaking as he shares his opinions with all peoples throughout southern California.

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