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Awesome Brain!

Presenting ‘Müthiş Zeka!

What does Müthiş Zeka! this mean?

Sultan Selim I ascended the throne after the end of regulation time gives a decision on Iran. War will come out. The two sides will send delegations to each other and sought ways of peace. However, war is inevitable.

Here is an interesting incident occurred in one of these committee meetings.

Iranian ruler Shah Ismail mind as a package sent through the Ambassador of the Ottoman sultan wants to mock the Ottoman Empire.

Iran’s ambassador comes to peace and extends all state officials were present in the court destroys the seashore in the glow of the gift pack into the hands of the Ottoman sultans. what you see in one of our sultans who opened the package?

The inside of the package “manure” is filled with. Sultan frowned suddenly our muscles. State ergani begins to tremble. It’s either “Shah Ismail, who is going on, it can be found in such a grave insult to our sultans. Husband Ottoman Sultan, Sultan Selim I can not afford, let alone such an insult, and immediately shot to the head of the apostles, “said the sultan our düşünürlerk gives orders in a very comfortable way; “Go and bring me the best chefs in Istanbul.”

Orders are fulfilled. It gives instructions to Selim cooks and prepared a gift package to be sent to the Shah of Iran. Sultan package gives himself an ambassador and extend the decree envoy next to the package.

Acts interest Shah’s presence. Shah Ismail is very exciting. “I wonder if my one big insult to the Ottoman Sultan was how to respond,” he thinking opens the packet. And what you see! There are lovely desserts from each other in the package. Nothing can understand, he “manure” was sent in return “sweet” has been sent. There’s something fishy saying, eat dessert including the Etafia. Who eats dessert “so far we have not had such a wonderful sweet,” they say. Shah’s head engaged in a more mixed stationary and extends the ambassador Shah Sultan’s decree. It is written in the edict;


“Because the SEND ALL YE.”

After this incident, the first Ottoman already inevitable – Iranian war of August 23, 1524 resulted in a major victory for the Ottoman Selim the Shah of Iran fled all assets and even from the battlefield even leaving the tent.

Here are my dear reader, I’m saying this in mind that pursuant to the full event; this time I mixed up branches of science, and then I will be with you what I learned from my vocabulary floor AcAklArImlA here.

So hello “Alaturkaonl the” readers!

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Ahmet Onerbay is a Turkish American entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a former president of the LATAA. Ahmet enjoys speaking to his community about Turkish history and international policies. Onerbay has a master's degree from NYU in political science. Ahmet demonstrates great knowledge in public speaking as he shares his opinions with all peoples throughout southern California.

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