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About The Most Influential Figure In Turkish American History

The author along with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca after a speech.

Who is this person?

He is a Turkish-born American who in heavily active within  his cultural community. Ahmet frequently gives speeches to invigorate his fellow countrymen.

What are some of his accomplishments?

Ahmet graduated from Istanbul University in 2001 with a degree in History. Later that same year, he was accepted into NYU into the Master’s program in regards to political science. After relocating to California, Onerbay completed the “Strategy and Leadership” extension program at Chapman University in 2009.

What does he do today?

Onerbay is currently the vice president of Icon Stone, Inc. which is located in Los Angeles. He continues to be active within Turkish-American community. He enjoys speaking about Turkish history and international policies.

Looking for more about the keynote speaker?

View his latest edition of his public seminar speaking series on history and international policies here:

AO delivering a speech to his Turkish community in Los Angeles, California.


Ahmet Onerbay is a Turkish American entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a former president of the LATAA. Ahmet enjoys speaking to his community about Turkish history and international policies. Onerbay has a master's degree from NYU in political science. Ahmet demonstrates great knowledge in public speaking as he shares his opinions with all peoples throughout southern California.

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