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Entrepreneurial Spotlight: President of LATAA

Ahmet Onerbay is an LA-based Turkish-American entrepreneur with a broad range of business capabilities. Despite his young age, he has become quite an influential figure in the local business community, with a stellar track record of accomplishments to his name. Apart from focusing on his professional career, he also works actively with the local Turkish-American community in LA, helping further its goals and celebrate his people’s culture in the United States. He even finds time to devote to numerous socio-civic causes as his way of giving back to the community of which he is a part.

Even when he was still in school, he displayed exceptional ability and resourcefulness. He has extensive backgrounds in history and political science, and in fact earned a Master’s Degree in Political Science from New York University. This education has proven to be an integral factor in his future success in his professional life. He is fluent in Spanish, as well as English and Turkish.

With every personal and professional endeavor that he undertakes, he brings a broad range of skills and capabilities that are especially remarkable considering his young age. A creative and driven entrepreneur, he has also shown remarkable facility with business planning, marketing strategy, product and business development, product management, contract negotiations, and more. Each of these areas has been explored by Ahmet to great success, and they each remain part of his range of professional capabilities to this day.

Of all the many roles that he has undertaken during the course of his career, it is perhaps entrepreneurship that is the closest to this heart. Having displayed an uncanny business sense and a level of commitment and perseverance rarely see in people his age, he is a perfect fit for the role of entrepreneur. He also has a genuine care and concern for people, and combined with his exemplary communications skills, this makes him a naturally approachable corporate executive.

One of the ways by which his communication skills have proven useful is in his role as public speaker. He has been called upon to speak on a variety of subjects over the years, drawing from his own wealth of knowledge and extensive professional experience.

Ahmet is currently Vice-President of Operations for Icon Stone, Inc., a specialist natural stone supply firm with headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. Founded in 2005, the company is one of the leading suppliers of quality stone in the United States. Largely due to Ahmet Onerbay’s own leadership contributions, the firm has been listed as one of the Top 500 fastest growing companies in the country in 2016.

Ahmet considers his Turkish roots as integral to who he is today. He carries his Turkish-American heritage proudly and strives to give back to the Turkish community in the country in any way possible. He has in fact served as president of the non-profit organization Los Angeles Turkish American Association (LATAA) for two years, during which time he made many outstanding contributions to the uplifting of the Turkish community in California.


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Icon Stone, Inc. Ranked Top 500 Fastest Growing Firms


Under the leadership of Ahmet Onerbay, Vice President of Operations, Icon Stone, Inc. entered the rankings for the highly acclaimed ‘Top 500 Fastest Growing Firms’ in the United States.

Icon Stone is the leading distributor of natural stone in the Sante Fe Springs region

This amazing feat was accomplished in spite of the recent recession. Emphasis was placed on cost saving measures to ensure revenue growth. Difficult decisions had to be made in order for Icon-Stone, Inc. to become what it has today.

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What is Icon-Stone, Inc.?

Icon-Stone, Inc.

Icon-Stone, Inc. is a premier natural stone supplier headquartered in Sante Fe Springs, California. It was founded in 2005 and is currently one of the leader suppliers of stone within the United States.

Staff at Icon-Stone, Inc. featuring their cohesion

A. Onerbay, currently the Vice President, of the company has been the leading force behind their recent revenue growth. Under the leadership of their floor general, Icon-Stone, Inc. has become a powerhouse within the stone supply industry.

The stone supply firm has a product portfolio that includes, but not limited to, granite, stone tiles, pavers, moldings, and other related stone products. It has achieved success through continuous improvement of its corporate infrastructure and technology advancements.

Where can we learn more about Icon-Stone, Inc.?

View for more about their patented trademarks here.

For information about operations within the company, seek out the About section.

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What Impact Does Turkish Airlines Have On The Community?

In an article recently posted by, Ahmet O. is listed as a key figure in public relations.

An excerpt from the article featuring the author.

Here is a translation of the aforementioned article:

“We plan to do this Saturday day of the Career Days of networking event under the name. The number of student participation will be limited to 15-20. Participation is free after school a road map for students who want to study in the United States, motivated elements, students are fuser and lataa the identifier of this program is aimed to be made as an organization. We are planning to continue the meetings with the other participants each month ..
– Introduce yourself
– Advice to the students
– Question answer
– Pizza and Coke accompanied coalesce on
Because of the restrictions on the number of student places it will be accepted. On Friday, the dealing of the late CV-s are advised to 13.00 e-mail with the throw. Arabasi will be made on the non-carpool.

Where can we learn more?

You can find him on his Google+ profile page. Here you can find out more about his background, academic education history, and his travels across the world. He is a renowned figure within the Turkish community in Los Angeles, California.

View the first article ever published on Alaturka Online through this portal.

Taken after a meeting with part of the administration staff




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What is the LATAA?

This editorial features a gifted writer.

Are you searching for Turkish books?


Ahmet O. states “associated with both Turkey and the Turkish and those who want to donate English books we can donate the books to reach the address,” he said.

Does a Turkish library exist in Los Angeles?

Here is a translated version from an article  written by one of the many authors at Alaturka Online.

“as Turkish and English book section will be divided into two parts “Turkish Library” will be created in the Los Angeles Central Library. After the ceremony will be held on May 24 Turkish books that are relevant to Turkey will take their places on the shelves of the Los Angeles Central Library and will be presented to the reader.

They came to work in the library-related work that has continued since February in Los Angeles Turkish President of the American Association; “On May 24 200-250 Turkish units will be available to readers of our book library shelves and take their place in Turkey in recent days advance Library Project will continue to increase this number,” he said.”

What are some additional resources to discover more?

Vimeo is a great place to start your search to find more videos and mediums of this type.

Visit his Tumblr Page



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What is Victory Day?

Ahmet Onerbay recently published his newest article discussing Victory Day on Alaturka Online on August 30, 2012.

A section from the Alaturka Online article ‘ZAFER BAYRAMI‘ written by Ahment Onerbay


Here is a translation of the editorial:

“First World War Armistice Armistice was signed at the end of the Sevres Treaty and our land taken from our hands almost completely self-watt and has given us our right to live as a free end. We live without orders from anyone on centuries of peace and tranquility the country land was the enemy occupation.

The historic victory of the Turkish nation filled with ever did was no intention to accept this situation. May 19, 1919 in the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s arrival in Samsun, began under his leadership our War of Independence. Following the publication of Amasya Circular Erzurum and Sivas congresses were held. And 23 April 1920, Parliament was established in Ankara.

remedy the situation and called the liberation of the country during a meeting in the Parliament. “National Pact within the boundaries of the country as a whole is fragmented and not opinion” of the movement, was decided to fight the enemy.

“The enemy will either leave our country, or we’re all ready to drain our blood individual for the sake of this country,” was the message to the whole world.

The first success was a victory against the Eastern Armenian gangs. Then, on the western front, with the Greeks, I. Inonu and II. Inonu Wars were made. The Greeks to the acquisition of this war was a big blow. Thereupon, the Greek army was attacked again. The attack on Mustafa Kemal, the army: “There is no defense line surface defense. This surface is the whole country. The blood of every inch of land is soaked by the citizens of the homeland can not be abandoned. “He gave the order.

The Turkish military, perseverance and sacrifice a large satellite that decision. August 23, and the Battle of Sakarya held between September 12, 1921, the Turkish nation is literally woke up from his sleep again. Battle of Sakarya Necip Fazil’s poems he wrote in “Back to hit Sakarya Turkish History” which confirms the statement was hit mark on Turkish history. Sakarya Karlofça Treaty since 1699 with victory for the first time, we have gained ground.

Now regained morale of the Turkish nation and the enemy had begun to build their dreams and erase it completely and then dispose of the council meeting in a major offensive was decided to destroy the enemy.

until August 1922, preparations have been completed. The southern Turkish troops were shifted to the western front in great secrecy. weapons and ammunition from the ammunition depot in Istanbul was hijacked. It collects brought to still be used by the Allies destroyed has been repaired. He bought new weapons. We do not know our army attacked again for many years rare assault training was done. After these preparations, he made the Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s army commander in chief, attacked the enemy on 26 August 1922. enemy positions within an hour seized. Retrieved on August 30 into the enemy circle. The survivors were taken captive. Prisoners of war between the Greek commander in chief, had the Trikopis.

After the successful conclusion of their attacks from a large enemy was followed up in Izmir. 9 of our country with the liberation of Izmir in September 1922, was cleared of the enemy.

Treacherous enemy, unjustified and flagrant occupation to “stop” the blood and we’d leave our country to drain the last drop of the world to prove that this great victory all the Turkish nation as every year, on August 30, we celebrate by holidays.

 Our Happy Victory Day!”

What resources are available to discover more articles written by this famous author?

ahmet-onerbay-wordpress-victory-day-featured image
Ahmet Onerbay

Visit the author’s page on Alaturka Online, the first Turkish newspaper in the United States.

Find a previous blog post and read more about his first article Awesome Brain!

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What is Çanakkale Zaferimizin 100. Yılı?

The President of the organization

Ahmet Onerbay writes about the celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Çanakkale in his article Çanakkale Zaferimizin 100. Yılı which was published on March 17th, 2015. This article was featured on Alaturka Online, the first Turkish newspaper in the United States.

Here is a translation of the artcle:

“canakkale our victory 100.yil

You’re a giant, giant load is heavy!
Stand up, sit up straight and rejoice!

Mehmed I, am glad to begin high!
Die also rejoice, as we get back home!

I think this is the wheel bump!
Tomorrow, of course our, of course ours!
Day was born the day sank, eternity is our

Poet depicts that our soldiers,
Soldiers who do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for us …

Çanakkale battle,
One of the biggest battles of the century …
First World War enemy countries want to end up victorious, they want to get through the Dardanelles to Istanbul by ship. The Ottoman army against the British and French fleets in the Dardanelles made a series of land and sea battles for months.

300,000 of our soldiers were killed in the result of the war, the enemy fleets retreated with heavy losses. Who wanted to cross the Dardanelles, the British and French ships opened fire on our troops on both sides of the strait on November 3, 1914. However, in a terrific against resistance and strength never before, but after seeing that they had never seen thousands of casualties they had to retreat. The enemy started a definite attack on 19 February 1915. They retreated again with the fire against the Ottoman army. On March 18, 1915 when British and French launched a big attack with 16 war ships. However, three ships were buried The enemy was forced to retreat again.

The maritime section of Çanakkale War, on March 18, 1915 had resulted in the withdrawal of enemy ships. It was a retreat on March 19, 1915 This morning, the British newspaper “Glorious escape”, was released with the title. Because it was an escape by pulling back at least this loss ..

generation of ace … I was saying was true or … generation:
Here chew not the Namur will çiğnetmi.

Our enemies understand whether they pass the Dardanelles, the ship, tried to enter our land from the land. British, French, Australian, New Zealand and some other countries of colonial soldiers began to disembark the day April 25, 1915. Land wars, on January 9, 1916 and continued until the last retreating enemy troops. 6-7 August 1915 the night Anafartalar made to remove offensive Mustafa Kemal was able to stop our unity in command. Between April 25th, 1915 and 9 January 1916, the ground war was raging for nearly eight months, hundreds of thousands of people from both sides was zai.

“Oh, he fell to the ground for this land, soldier!
Ancestors descended from the sky that kissed the forehead pak value. “
Çanakkale Wars,
Perhaps the most important battles of the Turkish History …
Today we live in a free proof that it was not easy to this land …
Shaheed hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Veterans …
O martyr who sacrificed his life for us!
I can not thank you enough,
You’ve shown the whole world that the power of the Turks,
You’ve offered us a history we are proud moment
You say we’ve set an example for,
You have a light on our future,
I can not thank you enough,
God rest the soul, space, get heaven !!!”


A short section from ‘Our 100th Year Victory’


Searching for more?

View this profile for a quick overview and timeline about entrepreneurship and international business.


For a personal description, please view the secion titled About.

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What is Ünlü Araştırmacı Tarihçi?

The writer presents the next editorial featuring his knowledge on famous historical authorities on Alaturka Online. This article was published on December 14th, 2010.


Here is a small section of the in-depth article about Famous Historian Researchers:

“has organized several dates seminars across America, Istanbul University Researcher Historiography graduate of the City University of New York in political science and who master’s degree in International Relations Department, Los Angeles Chapman University in Leadership and Strategy in the educational field issues is considered an expert and authority Famous Researchers historian Ahmed Önerbay Alaturkaonline will be with you in the hereafter and unusual tutorial”

An except from ‘Famous Historian Researchers

Searching for more information?

Visit his official website at:

Additionally, you can stay in the loop about his business timeline via the Crunchbase platform.


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Awesome Brain!

Presenting ‘Müthiş Zeka!

What does Müthiş Zeka! this mean?

Sultan Selim I ascended the throne after the end of regulation time gives a decision on Iran. War will come out. The two sides will send delegations to each other and sought ways of peace. However, war is inevitable.

Here is an interesting incident occurred in one of these committee meetings.

Iranian ruler Shah Ismail mind as a package sent through the Ambassador of the Ottoman sultan wants to mock the Ottoman Empire.

Iran’s ambassador comes to peace and extends all state officials were present in the court destroys the seashore in the glow of the gift pack into the hands of the Ottoman sultans. what you see in one of our sultans who opened the package?

The inside of the package “manure” is filled with. Sultan frowned suddenly our muscles. State ergani begins to tremble. It’s either “Shah Ismail, who is going on, it can be found in such a grave insult to our sultans. Husband Ottoman Sultan, Sultan Selim I can not afford, let alone such an insult, and immediately shot to the head of the apostles, “said the sultan our düşünürlerk gives orders in a very comfortable way; “Go and bring me the best chefs in Istanbul.”

Orders are fulfilled. It gives instructions to Selim cooks and prepared a gift package to be sent to the Shah of Iran. Sultan package gives himself an ambassador and extend the decree envoy next to the package.

Acts interest Shah’s presence. Shah Ismail is very exciting. “I wonder if my one big insult to the Ottoman Sultan was how to respond,” he thinking opens the packet. And what you see! There are lovely desserts from each other in the package. Nothing can understand, he “manure” was sent in return “sweet” has been sent. There’s something fishy saying, eat dessert including the Etafia. Who eats dessert “so far we have not had such a wonderful sweet,” they say. Shah’s head engaged in a more mixed stationary and extends the ambassador Shah Sultan’s decree. It is written in the edict;


“Because the SEND ALL YE.”

After this incident, the first Ottoman already inevitable – Iranian war of August 23, 1524 resulted in a major victory for the Ottoman Selim the Shah of Iran fled all assets and even from the battlefield even leaving the tent.

Here are my dear reader, I’m saying this in mind that pursuant to the full event; this time I mixed up branches of science, and then I will be with you what I learned from my vocabulary floor AcAklArImlA here.

So hello “Alaturkaonl the” readers!

Where can you find articles?

Find more about the first Turkish newspaper by skimming through What is Alaturka Online? There, You will find featured authors and countless editorials in regards to historical backgrounds and political origins.

An excerpt from one of first articles posted on Alaturka Online.